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Reign In Light Ministries "Healing Oasis of Las Vegas"

Does God Cry? in Pakistan!

Healing Waters

Blooming the Desert


We are Ordained Ministers Randy, Margit Baatz currently living in Las Vegas Nevada. We are originally from Florida. Lord has sent us here to birth a new division of this ministry called "Healing Oasis of Las Vegas." This will be a healing center where anyone can come to receive healing and where equipping them to stay victorious in the lives in which they live.

"Truth is found only in an intimate walk with our Heavenly Father, our Brother Jesus and His Spirit!"

Listen to our blogtalkradio show called "What is True." It will amaze you! Here is the link:

We came from Central Florida and were taken by the Hand and led here by His Spirit to be a voice through Blogtalkradio and release all He gives us to release into the airwaves via internet. We have also held our first meeting here in our home as well. We can be found on Twitter as well as Facebook. Visit our pages, leave us your prayer requests and comments even from our broadcasts we would love to hear from you. God has restoration and healing ready for the hurting and scattered. He is ready to release you of your past and restore all that has been taken from you. We are on FaceBook also. We received a call to unite the Body the Body of Christ to receive healing so His love will flow free again one to another with no barriers, as we unite we will be ready to launch forward to reaching the Lost in His Love and in His Name!

My latest book, "Does God Cry?"

is ministering all over the world the love and how to understand and relate with an intimate relationship with our God, get your copy today from our Purchase Products page. God bless you all for your Love and may the peace of God Himself fill you with joy unspeakable this day!

Join us on blogtalkradio live or in archive and hear from what the Spirit is sharing to us today..His Word is alive always and very relevant.

blessings, Ministers Randy , Margit