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Does God Cry? in Pakistan!

Healing Waters

Blooming the Desert

"Does God Cry?"


February 14, 2012

From - Ester Zafar

Dear Sister Margit Belany Baatz,

Greetings and blessings in the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ! I am very happy to receive books “Does God Cry?” This book is really great to understand the great love of God. When I read this great book and I found that this book is really written for me to understand about my life and What God feels for me? and what God wants from me? SO I WANT TO SAY THANKS TO MY DEAR SISTER MARGIT BELANY BAATZ for writing this great book.

When I share this awesome book with my other brothers and sisters, everyone told me that every work of this book touched their hearts and the scripture has been shared in this book really open our eyes and mind to turn to God because God has great feelings, Patience, Love, Hope, Mercy, Kindness, Forgiveness, and if we are faithful to God till our death then God has great reward as a Crown of life as the scripture says:

Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life. Revelation 2:10

How we can be faithful to God “even to the point of death,” we can learn from this great book.

This great book is briefly teaching us that when God understood by human being then God feels happy and enjoy. So see how strong relations God have with us. I really respectfully love this book and I want to say that everyone should read this book to understand the Love, relations, feelings of God for us.

I gave one copy of this great book to one of my brother who is really enjoying to read it and says that this book will wide my understanding to know the great love of God and His feelings.

May the loving God keep Sister Margit Belany Baatz happy and health and use her abundantly for His children. God bless you.

In Jesus love

Bro. Zafar & Ester


from Pastor Simon Muvengei

January 27, 2013

praise the lord! yes I received the book! yesterday , wow! the book is Awesome and powerful ,every body here want to read the book!! the book talks the bible and the bible only!! Awesome !! am now reading the book! DOES ,GOD CRY? powerful , yes people need the book and they are asking to see the writer! some times in kenya , yes I am trying to introduce this book in our Library here , may be the demand will be high for this book! yes people are asking this book! I will also try to introduce this book in whole East AFRICA , God bless you need your prayer and favor to introduce the book, thank you for the heart of God you have woman of God , it means a lot in Africa , and we are praying for your ministry , hope soon to invite you to preach in our church leaders conference here, be blessed!! and I hope through conferences and church leaders conference will also open doors for this book! be blessed ,pass much greeting to Rand our father we love you people . the book is Awesome ! Awesome!!

this book is so much powerful , and this book is helping many leaders here in kenya , evry one who see the book comment in this book and most of them says that the book can be helpful to many leaders , may be you can not inmagine how the book is helping But, here is the best book leaders must have

February 27, 2013

all my pastors in kenya understand English , the book is bringing the reality of God Almighty ,I will make sure the book will be in the whole East Africa soon

God bless you Margit we are praying for you and every where I will go I will request people to pray for you and Randy we love you people .......blessed

March 28, 2013



MORE BOOKS IS NEEDED , Am planing on how I can translate one in Swahili but is very expense







Pastor Simon Muvengei

Grace Evangel Church


This book is beautiful and flowing with vision, on the oneness and love of our God. Minister Margit brings alive the vision of the heart of God in her writings. On fire and focused, she brings the beauty and flow of it all to the surface. A must read that will awaken your spirit, and move you into the next level of closeness with the Creator. I love her flow and style of writing, a prophetic voice with a message, needed to be heard at this hour. She is an excellent writer, her flow has always astounded me, her vision of healing the church when so many curse it, and this is why God uses her. This is a powerful subject; she has a message from our God for sure in this vision. This is great for doing conferences.

Denise Gansmann

Founder, Prophetic Expressions

Sacramento, California

[email protected]

“God wants the Body to heal, deliver and equip the Children so they can grow up and become all God wanted for them! God wants us to reach the Lost with His love! He wants the new Babes in Christ to be accepted without condemnation. Love must rule. Love is the principle thing! God is love.” . . . . While reading a “preview” of Minister Margit’s inspired writings to the Body of Christ (His Church), the above writing of love, faith and hope for God’s people seemed to come alive to my spirit “for such a time as now”. 1 Corinthians 13:13 “the greatest is love.”I am very much looking forward to the finished product and being ableto read this “inspired work of the Lord” in its entirety. Thank you for your dedication & obedience to following His lead Minister Margit. This is really “Right on” . . . great truth . . . It sounds wonderful “what the Lord is doing and saying in this hour and thru the book!” May God richly bless you, the work and all who read it!

Pastor Sonia Dalano

Founder, Soldiers For Christ Ministry Inc.

Gideon’s Army Training Center “MySpace Ministry”

Tampa, Florida

God’s will is that we have life and live it more abundantly. Minister Margit covers a major key, Love, which is the Greatest Commandment that God has given us, it’s brings Healing, Joy and Hope in our lives.Love covers a multitude of sins. When we walk in love our lives take on a new meaning. I love and respect Minister Margit’s walk with God and I highly recommend this book to everyone, she has a heart to see the Body of Christ come into a deeper love walk and relationship with God.

Pastor Val Wolff

Founder, Christ Healing Centre

Durban, South Africa

Minister Margit is extremely passionate concerning the Body of Christ. This book speaks volumes of the heart of the Father and how much He desires to have an intimate relationship with us. When our heart becomes so connected to His, we, the Church, will begin to function as He intends us to, which is to love God, to love each other, and to love the lost. This book will inspire and encourage you to get connected.

Kathy Smith

Lifeline Ministry

Decatur, Illinois

Bravo! This is beautifully written, Minister Margit. The added commentaries on the Scriptures not only support your narrative, but also will enlighten those who may not have had scripture explained to them. Absolutely a wonderful book!!!

Peter John Kane

Keyboard player, Musician with Salvation Saloon Biker Ministry

Tarpon Springs, Florida

An awesome book! In a nutshell, it seems like a summary of the teachings of JESUS! “I give you a new commandment that you should love one another-just as I have loved you, so you too should love one another. By this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you love one other . . . . if a person really loves Me, he will keep MY WORD . . . .” This is Jesus speaking through His Word.

Louize Grobbelaar

Founder, Jedidiah Ministries

Tzaneen, South Africa

Very cool and God Led Book! So let us boldly go forth with this unity in Christ in which He gave us power over the enemy to continue in spreading the gospel. Let not your hearts be faint but relying on GOD alone for our strength. May the peace of GOD be with you, even in troubling times, for if GOD be for us who shall stand against us.

Cindy Simmons

Crossville, Tennessee

Wow, this is an awesome book and reference! I would advise any and everyone who wants to become deep, in the area of the shifting, that is going on, in this new era. Awesome work! I will definitely buy your book. I rejoice with Minister Margit in this time of her celebration and liberation, and the time she spends in prayer and communion with God, I thank God for her life and time that she takes to come and stay apart to pray and to get this book to the nation and the world. This is a great time to be on planet Earth as I celebrate with her today.

Dawn Coburn


Antioch, Tennessee

Love is all there is. Jesus is the Love of God sent to restore each person on Earth to the Father. This book asks, “Does God Cry?” Certainly He does. He cries when you and I do not demonstrate the one identifier that He has placed on us to reveal that we are His sons and daughters: Love! Jesus said that the world will know that we are His followers by the love we have one for another. Dry God’s tears and Love one another!

Kelly Deppen,

Author, Parabola: Encouraging Jesus Christ as Reality and Beacon:You are a Child of Light

Bridges Revelatory Ministry

This is a good theme for us to remember. So many people in the church are discouraging others with their words and actions. Should our love for each other not set us apart?

Lynda Hudmon

Gaithersburg, Maryland

I encourage all people to purchase this book. This book is great to have in your Christian library. In the Book’s chapters you will feel and hear the heart of God, the Father, and Jesus, the Son, speaking through the author to you, about God’s ways, His wisdom, His knowledge, and His Truth.You will find and see Jesus as your true Healer and Deliverer, as the readers of this awe inspiring book. Open your hearts and minds and let God, the Father and Jesus, the Son speak to you. Let the Holy Spirit comfort you, teach you, and walk in you and minister through you, as His child.

Ed Gundlach

Minister of Healing and Deliverance

Central Florida

This good read is ordered of the Lord on the heels of my participation of Love and Respect Seminar held at my church. There is a lot of good teaching here, clarifying and confirming what the Spirit of our Living God has been depositing. I certainly want to purchase a copy and have it circulate within The Mennonite Community, for they are deer panting for His Living Waters.There is no doubt that God’s Ministry through Ministers Margit and Randy will reach the four-corners of the Earth, for His anointing rests upon them both. “HALLELUJAH” It is from the heart, in response to how deeply I have been affected by the pen of a ready writer.

Yvonne-Nicole Betancourt

Missionary to Ontario Canada

One thing we must learn is that we were created for relationship.Unity and love should be the hallmark of the Body of Christ. Working within these perimeters will further the Kingdom of God. Wonderfully written!

Dennis O’Daniel

Founder, Dennis O’Daniel Ministries

Monroe, Ohio

I am still enjoying your wonderful book, not very many people have the depth and understanding you have.

Sharon Corvin

Cedar Rapids Iowa

You have a heart to love people no matter who they are, thank you for your prayers.

Ian Craven

Toccoa Falls Georgia

I haven't finished the book yet but am loving what I have read so far.

Dawn Maydole

Challis Idaho