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Reign In Light Ministries "Healing Oasis of Las Vegas"

Does God Cry? in Pakistan!

Healing Waters

Blooming the Desert

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Here is the New Book, "Does God Cry?" It is the first book I have published, please order a copy today and I will send you a scripture with my autographed copy just for you. God so desires to be understood! This book will give a better understanding of what God is really like!

We have our broadcasts ready to be purchased! They are 30 minutes long and filled with the Word of God to help you achieve soul, body and all other areas of life's healing.

We will carry a wide range of products over the next few weeks. A variety of items help prepare you for what God intended to help you live an overcoming life! Our most popular products are shown below.

Does God Cry


Does God Cry (Paperback )
Healing Waters Our Testimony(CD)
God's Special Plans for Your City (CD)
Be Free of Fear (CD)
Loving God Parts 1, 2, 3 (CD)
Flood Unto Repentance (CD)
Enjoy Your Life (CD)
Your Authority (CD)
Vision of Church and Town (CD)
Love Your Neighbor Part 1, 2 (CD)
Your Identity in Your Garments (CD)
Your Identity in Your Jewelry (CD)
Healing Oasis of Las Vegas Launch (CD)
2014 A Season to Release and to Embrace (CD)
Those That Hurt Us (CD)
Time To Rise (CD)
Receive Your Bloodlines' Unclaimed Mantles (CD)
Extravagant Beings of Light (CD)
New Day Has Dawned (CD)
Fear Not I Am in Control (CD)
Meet Me at the Mountain (CD)
What is True (CD)