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Reign In Light Ministries "Healing Oasis of Las Vegas"

Does God Cry? in Pakistan!

Healing Waters

Blooming the Desert

Margit, Sept. 4, 2012

"We are blessed in the land You have given to us, to make the Desert Bloom! We will go from glory to glory from this day! We are here to bring New Life, Living Waters to Bloom the Desert to beautiful green. Las Vegas will become an Oasis, a lush green, watering Oasis that will bloom the Desert with beauty and life."

"Fountains of living water shall spring forth from Las Vegas and many will come here to drink from the Healing Waters from the Las Vegas Oasis. They will not come for the casinos to play but to receive a drink from the Fountains of Life, which will never run dry. The Healing Waters of Life in Las Vegas shall become renown in all the land and the airport will be filled with those who hunger and thirst for the Healing Fountains in the flowering and green Oasis of Las Vegas. They will fly in from all over the world to drink from the healing waters and be filled and take the waters with them to their own lands, to wash the waters there, with the healing agents of this water, so My Healing Waters washes the Earth with My Life, My Light, and My Love."

"Come therefore and drink of My Water that springs forth from My Fountain of Life. Receive from Me, your healing, all you need is waiting for you. My Fountain shall never run dry, but go forth as a river through My people, one to another and spread the living healing waters of My Fountain to the world."

"Receive from Me the Living Water, My Healing Water, fill your thirst to overflow then spill forth like a mighty rushing river out one to another. Refresh yourselves, soothe yourselves, in My Healing Waters then spill forth to the uttermost parts of this Earth. My Fountain shall never run dry!"

"Be My most beautiful vessels of glory and honor and carry My Sparkling, Living, Healing Waters to the ends of this Earth and fulfill all longing and all thirst. Release My Light and My Love. Go forth as My vessels of honor and glory and pour forth of My Healing Waters."

"It is time for the floodgates to be opened, time for healing to arise it is time, it is time! Hallelujah! Healing has begun. Look for the rains to begin first with a trickle, then it will burst in its fulness, the rain shall wash away all that has held back the purifying of My Spirit. My Spirit shall wash you, My Spirit shall cleanse you, the waters shall wash away the dregs. Purity shall come forth through this washing by the waters of My Spirit. Look for and embrace the purifying healing waters of My Spirit. Allow for deep cleansing, to wash away all the hindrances in your lives and all the wounds to be washed and then covered by My healing balm, the oil of My Spirit."

"Healing has come to My people, it is time of My Healing! I have come to restore you, I, your Lord, have come to you and I bring with Me My Healing to restore to you back to the glory I have created you. Receive from Me today. I am here, I am here!"

"I bring fresh healing waters to wash your wounds and cleanse you of all impurities. I have seen your tears and heard your cries and seen the repenting hearts within you."

"You are My vessels of honor and glory. My Son's Blood covers you. I choose to remember your sins no more." Isa 43:25

"Rise up My people, come to My Fountain of Life and Healing, drink of Me and be refreshed and healed."

"Take each other by the hand as I have taken you by the hand. Yoke together in My Spirit and reach out and heal and restore the Lost in My Name and bring them to My Fountain of Life and Healing, so they also may receive what you have received in Me and go forth, do this until I return in full Glory." Isa 41:10

"I am coming with your just rewards with Me. Look to Me, I am the One Who brings Water to the Desert and brings Life where there was death. The Waters shall rise in the Desert like a pool and water the parched ground. There will be life where there was death. The Flowers will bloom in the Desert and green will flourish again."

"An Oasis in the Desert shall bring Healing to the nations from its Healing Waters."

"There is a flood coming, look to the skies for the rain. My Healing is coming, lo, it is now! Run to the Waters and receive from Me, your Healing, Restoration and Purity. Allow the Waters to wash away the past, the sins, the wounds and the tears."

"It is time to meet Me at the Oasis in the Desert and drink of My Living Healing Waters and allow the pools of water to cleanse you, it is time, the time is Now!"

Isa 49:8-10, 5a, 6, Isa 48:21, Psa 23:2-3, Ezek 34:11-16a, 26, 27b, 29, 31, Ezek 30:3, Joel 2:2, Isa 30:15, 28:5,6, 9-13 Isa 49